1st Heart River Cultivation Programme

Part I: Open Play-reading presentation.


There will be 6 chosen scripts collected from universities


Scripts will be collected from universities and six will be chosen by Pop Theatre’s artistic director and guest adjudicators. The chosen scripts will be read by professional actors and the student playwrights will have the opportunity to exchange with the experienced directors and playwrights.


Part II: On-stage performance of excerpts

After the playwrights edit their scripts with the comments they received, professional actors will turn the plays into stage realities under the directions of experienced artist Mr. Chan Wing Chuen and Yu Hon Ting. Excerpts from the plays will be performed at Tuen Mun City Town Hall.


3 Oct 2015 8pm

The Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall

導演︰余翰廷(劇場工作室 藝術總監)






導演︰陳永泉(普 劇場 藝術總監)






Audince Feedback

>>Hope there will be a full version!

>>Scripts are really good


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