Playwright:William Shakespeare
Director:     Gerry Flanagan
Actor :        Chan Wing-chuen, Chan Tze-sum, 

Cheung Kwan-yu, Lam Tsz-kit, Mok Shin-yue,

Tang Yu-ting, Wong Ting-kong,

A group of Clowns decide to put on a play: Romeo & Juliet. But can a cast of Clownssucceed? These simple characters leap into one of the world’s most famous family feuds where they tackle the pitfalls of Shakespearean English, scale the dizzy heights of adolescent passion and plummet the depths of a lover’s despair.


As they enter the warring world of the Capulets and Montagues, the tragedy revealsunexpected comic opportunities that these playful clowns cannot resist. Will they turn Shakespeare’s masterpiece into farce?


Shifting Sands’ ROMEO & JULIET is a fresh, invigorating version of Shakespeare’s famous tale, brimful of clowning with a strong emotional punch. What starts as a game can turn deadly serious, while the naivety of the actors allows the audience to see Shakespeare anew. We take a clown's eye view of classic texts, to bring freshness to stories, and still remain faithful to the original. The audience will laugh but the delicate handling of the tragic scenes will also move them.

22 - 24 July 2016  (Fri - Sun) 7:30pm

23 - 24 July  2016 (Sat - Sun) 3pm

Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre

Audience Feedbacks

>> It was so new, the handle of scene was so surprise!

>> Funny, interesting, sad in the end. I like it! Good show!

>> It was creative!


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