In a little village at the countryside, the demon sovereign has taken away all the laughters of the lovely villagers. To save the villagers out of sorrow, Beacon is determined to set on an adventure to find the cure. What will Beacon face in the dark? Will he succeed and save the village?

30 Jul - 2 Aug 2015 3pm

1 Aug 2015 5:30pm

The Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall

Story/Director :       Chan Wing-chuen

Story/Playwright︰ Chan Siu-tong
Composer︰           Wong Wai-kin

Lyrics︰                 Wong Kit-yi


Programming / Sound design:Man Kai-hei
Set & Costume design:Cheng Wai-ying

Lighting design:         Lai Wing-shan

Creative actor:           Lai Ying-ying,

Cheung Hok-leung,Lam Cheng-wai, Cheng Pui-ka, Chow Yuek-lam, Poon Ka-wai

Producer: Kwong Sau-han


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