POP Theatre adapts The Writing Adventure of Bui Bui, a young adult literary piece by Hong Kong well-known writer Dung Kai-cheung, to a musical with the same title to explore storytelling and story writing. The musical transforms Bui Bui’s adventure and creation in the Punctuation Kingdom into dance and music for audience of all ages to appreciate the story’s messages on writing in a different form.

19,24-26 Dec 2015 8pm

20, 27 Dec 2015 5pm

The Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall

Playwright:                           Dung Kai-cheong

Direator:                             Chan Wing-chuen

Composer &Music Director: Cynthia Wong

Lyrics:                               Fong Yuek-kwan
Singing Guidance:               
Tse Suk-king

Adapter:       Chan Wing-cheun, Chan Kin-shun

Adapter &Actor: AndyLin, Chan Lik-seng,

Fung Hang-sze, Lai Ying-ying, Pang Pui-lam,

Wong Ching-ching, Wong Ting-kong, Poon Ka-wai

Illustrations:     Tsui
Producer:          Kwong Sau-han, Chan Kin-shun

Audience Feedbacks

>> Sweet song, the lyrics are so poetic! Can you produce a CD for kids admire?

>> It is so educational for children. Role play very interesting. Also it is sympathetic to adults.


>> It is a very pains drama, different to other current children theatre, using relax technique to bring out a serious topic. Both the script, director and actors are very good.


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