Nominated for 2015-2016 The Hong Kong Theatre Libre “Best Actor Award”

Director:         Foo Yuet-mei

Adapter:       Szeto Wai-jin

Actor:              Chan Charm-man, Choy Chak-man, 

Lai Ching-ping, Lam Wing-yi, Lai Ying-ying,

Tu Sze-chung , Wong Lam


Producer:        Chan Wing-chuen, Kwong Sau-han

It is a story of the Jerome household. At the dinner in three evenings, all the Jeromes reveal their dark sides. What will happen after this earthquake in the family?

It is a play about family.

18, 19, 25, 26 Mar 2016  7:45pm

20 Mar 2016 3pm

The Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall

Audience Feedbacks

>> The feelings and emotions are very delicately handled. The male protagonist has a strong sense of humor. The story is touching.

>> This is a very touching theatre play. I am grateful of it.


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