Peacemaker is a children play written by David Holman. Through telling the story of The Reds and The Blues, David Holman encourages communication and respect between different cultures. In appreciation, we enrich each other’s world.


After a disastrous war, a wall is built in between The Reds and The Blues to replace the bridge, which has been there for decades already. From that day on, people from each side are separated and interaction is forbidden.


The Red Carnival is coming. Simp and Franny from The Reds are practicing juggling in front of the wall, yet none of them is good at juggling. Mr. Man, who is the guard of the wall, believes that The Blues were some horrible monsters. He tries to scare Simp and Franny away from the wall. On the contrary, he makes the encounter in between The Reds and The Blues happen. Will the ‘wall’ in between The Reds and The Blues be broken?


This play contains a lot of body movements and simple dialogues.

Very suitable for children audience.

7, 13, 14 Aug 2016  3pm, 5:15pm

The Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall

Playwright:    David Holman

Director:         Chan Wing-chuen,

Actor :            Tang Yu-ting, Tam Yuk-ting,

Wong Ting-kong, Yip Ka-yan, Poon Ka-wai

Producer:     Kwong Sau-han

Audience Feedbacks

>> My kids like it very much. They enjoyed it. Grown ups like it too!

>> This is a very thoughtful arrangement having an open ending and a discussion session with the kids about it.

>>My daughter who is only 3 years old can share the feelings of the characters. She cried because it was too exciting. Thanks to the good performances of actors, simple and clear story, and the good set design.


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