A big group of drama elites from different universities will gather here to attend three stages of drama activities. After that, they will take every post of theatre to make a Devised Theatre piece happen.
27 Jun 2015 8pm
28 Jun 2015 3pm
Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

Script︰                        Collective compilation

Artistic Director:            Chan Wing-chuen

Executive director:         Tang Ho-wai

Stage & Costume design:Cheng Wai-ying 

Lighting design:         Lai Wing-shan

Sound design:            Pang Chun-kit

Make-up & Hairstyle Coordinator:Chu Yat-ming

Stage & Deputy Stage Manager:     Lam Ka-lei

Producer:                   Kwong Sau-han


Ng Chun-on, Lui Long-kwan, Cheng Hoi-yi, Chan Sai-kwong, Chan Ho-chi, Tsang Wing-yu, Yip Lei-kwan, Yip Hiu-tung, Chow Hang-tung, Lau Ka-yiu, Poon Lei-ling, Poon Lai-ming, Choi Yat-fung, Lo Chun-wai, Ngai Yi-ching, So Man-hei


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