Artistic Director of POP Theatre, senior actor and director. First graduate of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), major in performance. Afterwards got the scholarship from Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), following École Philippe Gaulier in France for advanced studies. Chen has been full-time actor, prima actor and arts manager in Chung Ying Theatre, Exploration Theatre and Actors Family. Furthermore, Chuen has been the guest lecturer in HKAPA Drama and Dance School. At present, he is being referee of  Hong Kong Drama Awards and HKADC.

Recent performance

​"Romeo & Juliet with Red Noses"

English clown theatre director Gerry Flanagan

POP Theatre@IAC,Jul 2016


Drama Gallery@ The 10th Chinese Drama Festival, Jun 2016

"Hedda Gabler"

Best Supporting Actor (Tragedy/Drama)  

The 24th Hong Kong Drama Awards

British theatre director Adrian Noble, who was Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the Royal Shakespeare Company for 13 years, has been lauded by the New York Timesas “one of the most consistently imaginative of directors”. His productions of the Bard are noted for their lyrical vision and spectacular stage design.

New Vision Arts Festival,Nov 2014

"Wild Boar" (Re-run)

Best Actor(Tragedy/Drama) 

The 24th Hong Kong Drama Awards  

Wedraman,Jul 2014


Dionysus Contemporary Theatre X Focus Theatre,May 2014

"The Ugly One" (Re-run)

On & On,Apr 2015

"The Crumbled"

Nomination of the 6th Hong Kong Theatre Libre "The Best Actor"

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, May 2013


Nomination of Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama)   

The 23rd Hong Kong Drama Awards 

Hong Kong Arts Festival,Mar2013

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Recent Director Works

Unforgettable Era

Theatre Valley X Focus Theatre, Sep 2016

Children Theatre "Peace Maker"

POP Theatre

“The Writing Adventure of Bui Bui” The Musical

POP Theatre

Children Adventure Theatre – “Beacon In the Dark”

POP Theatre

“Title of Show” A Broadway Musical

Art Peak

Musical “A Bright Dark Night”

Art Peak

“Eight Hundred Years of Hatred , Eight Hundred Years of Healing” (Re-run)

Art Peak

Invisible Men


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2010 - present
2010 - present
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