Heart River Cultivation Programme


Let’s write an inspiring play that moves every heart!


To encourage script writing and to enhance the artistic level of plays, since 2015/16, Pop Theatre has been organising a series of activities to provide college students a platform to publish their works and to receive comments from the professionals. The activities include play-reading presentation, guidance from the professionals, on-stage performance and a post-talk.

Heart River Aggregation of Tributary Programme


This program is a series of performing arts courses specially designed for kids and teenagers for bringing more fun to their summer holidays. The are six courses with different topic and each course contains six lessons. Participants can either join only one course or all of them. At the end of each course, we will invite the participants’ parents and friends to a little presentation and share with the kids the joy they experience in class.

Heart River Programme for Minority Community

This program is dedicated to the minority groups in Hong Kong.


Since 2015, with the help of social welfare organizations and local schools, we have been creating platforms for different groups of minority races and inmates to share their stories, feelings and thoughts about living in Hong Kong, Tuen Mun. They will be assisted to put all these elements into a script and the script will be presented at the end of the workshop.

“To share and to be listened” is the theme of this program.

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