ChanWing-chuen X Edgar Hung X Chung Chi-wing

24th Hong Kong Drama Awards

“The Best Original Songs and Lyrics”

Tonite we gather under a starry night

“When life hits you in the head with a brick, my dear, live in the present, sing a happy song!”

In a visionary reinvention of musical, Playwright and Director Chan Wing-chuen brings the audience on a journey to Tibet through a physical theatre combined with live painting, olfactory sensation and complicite work to transpire the zen spirit inside each of our minds. 


<<A Bright Dark Night>> is a story about three young people.



Keith ventures to Tibet with his favorite camera in search of freedom. Under a starry night, the death of an antelope strikes a sentimental heart of the fragility of life. 


ShamLing has no choice but to undergo an operation that could also risk her life. Reflecting on the white bed sheets is a starry night far far away in Tibet that she dreams of following the footsteps of Keith to search for stars and antelopes.


YauLam, faking her own disappearance, peeps into her home to see an unflattering scene in which life goes on as usual that makes her question the purpose of her existence.


Isolated and unconnected, three derailed souls catch each other in a quest for the defining moment of their life that is dripping away in an ever-changing world. 


<<A Bright Dark Night>> is an original musical grounded in Hong Kong documenting and refracting the psyche of the city, its theatre culture and localism ideology. The drama guides the audience through a spiritual journey to examine the impact of eastern culture on our beliefs of religion, morality, reincarnation, and the society. It is a platform to simulate exchanges on our meaning of the eastern culture.


24-26 Jan 2014 8pm

25-26 Jan 2014 3pm 

Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre



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