Eight Hundred Years of Hatred, Eight Hundred Years of Healing is adapted from Japanese comic master Osamu Tezuka’s seminal work. Encouraging the readers to reconsider the real meaning of life, the tale is about Sakon-nosuke, who – eager to resume her identity as a girl – rushes to the Horaiji Temple one stormy night to seek the Buddhist nun Yaobikuni. Brought up as a boy by her tyrannical father against her wish, Sakon-nosuke wants her own identity back. Knowing that the nun has the power to cure her father’s terminal illness, she wants to stop the healing. But she is caught in a time-warp, and goes back in time over a thirty-year span. The reversal is an enlightening experience for her as she sees life differently from then on. 


13-14 Sep 2013 3pm

15 Sep 2013 8pm

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre


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